Taijah Mills

Medicine Mother / Workshop Facilitator Taijah is a Caribbean/Canadian, Plant Medicine Advocate & Visionary Creative. With a background in integrating holistic elements into spiritual practices. Known for her Plant Medicine Activism specifically in the marijuana industry in Jamaica. Taijah’s mission is to share old age medicine from sacred ancestral practices to heal individuals from all walks of life. To tap back into our roots and culture to achieve a higher state of being and sovereignty through the expansion of one’s consciousness. She is the owner of TaiTopics a holistic based online business in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Where she highlights native plant medicine practices, energy healing, conscious consumption, Cannabis edu & experiences.

Experience the indigenous plant medicine of Jamaica the with ganja & other native herbs with a Steam Chalice! Taijah curated this Steam Chalice ceremonial workshop to connect guests with the culture of the Rastafari practices here in Jamaica. Steam Chalice Workshops / Ceremonies will be offered for guests to have an opportunity to learn the roots and history of this practice and how to facilitate the Steam Chalice.

A steam chalice is a sacramental healing modality in the Jamaican diaspora. Traditionally used in a ceremony held by the Rastafarian Nyahbinghi. The process of steaming is a more organic, safe, and intentional way to medicate the herb of your choice. Steaming is a healthier alternative to smoking due to its extraction method and heat activator; the coconut charcoal. Steaming is a mindful experience that integrates all the elements of nature; water, fire, earth, air, and spirit. With the mind, body, and soul. Allowing one to consume medicinal herbs including cannabis in a conscious, sustainable, and healthier way.

We share knowledge in introducing other medicinal herbs native to Jamaica by mixing blends to integrate into one plant’s medicine practices. Finally, journey with the medicine in a sacred healing space curated by medicine mother Taijah. A variety of native herbs including cannabis will be available to experience and try for ones and ones. The space is held with love and intention as a ganja healing ceremonial workshop.

Approaching this mindful practice on a holistic level through breath-work, meditation, integration, and facilitation of this indigenous healing tool. The Steam Chalice Workshops & Ganja Sacramental Blaze Up is great for all levels of experience; for those who have tried cannabis, are curious about trying it, or for those who are avid cannabis consumers/supporters.
Guests get to participate in expanding their Plant-Medicine practices through wellness, Ital lifestyle, Eco-conscious livity, and the Inity of the community.