Nicolas Mendoza-Pena

Agronomist Engineer, PhD in plant sciences, focused on biotechnology, genetics and plant physiology from the Norwegian university of life sciences – NMBU. He is currently the CEO and Founder or Markann Place, a company dedicated to connect the cannabis industry worldwide. Nicolás has stood out for being innovative, entrepreneurial and of great dynamism. He has been involved in different research agricultural projects around the world for over 10+ years. In the past 6 years, along with his PhD, he has been involved in the cannabis industry, nationally and internationally, where he has consulted for more than 7 companies in different processes such as production, plant breeding, propagation and micropropagation protocols. He has been director of operations and general manager of this companies. He has participated in the development of biotechnological products, businesses and public policies. Nicolás has been a guest speaker in more than 3 international events where he has shared his knowledge in different areas of the industry.