Necole Hines

“Necole Hines is a cannabis chef & educator who founded Faded Living, (a herbal lifestyle company on a mission to connect people to the magic of herbs and their benefits and dedicated to breaking the stigmas around one of her favourites; cannabis)

Playing homage to her Jamaican heritage, she brings you into her kitchen and teaches you how to make herbal infused oils, butter & honey for Jamaican-inspired recipes that are quick & easy.

She sits on the Strategic Advisory Council for the Afro Cannada Budsistas; a peer support group for Black women who share their cannabis experiences, and is a founding member of Louder Together Cannabis Advocacy Society; a not for profit organization dedicated to amplifying & supporting the voices of BIPOC in the cannabis industry,

Her passion for the cannabis plant allows her to create a 420 lifestyle that brings balance, wellness, enlightenment, and change.”