Michael Krawitz

A disabled United States Air Force Veteran [Sergeant, 1981 -1986].
Michael Krawitz serves as Executive director of Veterans For Medical
Cannabis Access [VMCA] as well as other board and advisory roles.
After California’s historic Proposition 215 Michael observed that cannabis
used as a palliative adjunct pain treatment to opiates not only produced
better pain relief but also significantly lowered the number of pain pills used.
Leading VMCA, Michael successfully negotiated the first ever VA medical
cannabis policy in 2010 and has since overseen the WHO process in Geneva
and then the United Nations process on the WHO cannabis recommendations.
The successful vote on 2 December 2020 United Nations – Vienna, Austria
removed Cannabis and Cannabis Resin from the Single Convention treaty
“most dangerous drug category”. In 2021 Michael was appointed by the
Speaker of Virginia’s House of Delegates to a serve on the Virginia Cannabis
Public Health Advisory Council [VCPHAC] for 5 years as Virginia rolls out a system
of adult regulated access and sales. The VCPHAC has oversight of the Virginia
Cannabis Control Authority on creation of any regulation impacting public health