Julie Fry-Porter

Julie Fry-Porter is a co-Founder of LERN Herstory, a registered non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and educating the public regarding a myriad of issues ranging from substance control policies and harm reduction methodology to human rights topics with a focus on females, but inclusive of all. She is the co-owner of CJ Retreats, Ltd., a Jamaican company which focuses on providing safe sanctuaries for people to use plant medicine. Julie also holds the position of Chief Research Officer at Cannabiscienza.it, an online e-learning portal for professionals to obtain Continued Medical Education credits. She holds a master’s degree in Biochemistry from ETH Zürich as well as a BSc. of Biology, with a minor in Chemistry from Virginia Tech. She was the primary editor of the English version of the textbook: “Pharmacology for students of Bachelor’s degree programmes at FM MU” during the first year of her doctorate program studying the pharmacology of cannabinoids at Masaryk University. Julie has done extensive advocacy work on behalf of medicinal plants globally and is devoted to the liberation of nature.