Jason Adelstone

Jason Adelstone is an attorney at Vicente Sederberg LLP, a leading national cannabis law firm. He focuses his practice on federal and international policy, impact litigation, corporate and business law, and cannabis regulatory compliance. From advising clients on international policy reforms—especially related to obligations under the three international drug treaties— to drafting contracts and performing market analyses, Jason is a valuable resource.

 Before joining VS as an intern in 2018, Jason served as a law clerk for the Onondaga County Attorney’s office in New York state. Prior to law school, he gained worldly experience through his tenure as a logistics supervisor of beverage, retail, and finance operations for the U.S. Antarctic Program, where he worked with government agencies and contractors at McMurdo Station on Ross Island. Jason attended Syracuse University College of Law, where he received his Juris Doctorate, magna cum laude, and Master of Business Administration degree.