Daenia Ashpole

Daenia is an International Trade Specialist and Business Strategist with more than a decade experience in trade policy development, international trade negotiations, market research, strategic communications, business development and project management. The University of the West Indies Consulting (UWIC), the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce and its agency, the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) and the National Security Ministry are among the important institutions which Daenia has given service to in crucial positions. Daenia has a unique blend of inter-disciplinary experiences that has charted her way as a dynamic change leader. Her unique journey has not only led her to give service in a range of areas in the public sector. Daenia is also an entrepreneur. She’s the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jamaica’s first full-service ‘day and night’ salon. The salon was established to cater to the dynamic lifestyles of 21st century busy professionals. Daenia conceptualized and guided into operation the inaugural night salon concept in Jamaica to assist professional men and women maintain work/life balance while feeling and looking well. In her current capacity as interim CEO of the Cannabis Licensing Authority, Daenia strives to bring that seamless balance to the Authority as both an effective regulator and facilitator to maintain the industry’s integrity, while contributing to its expansion and viability. Over the years, Daenia has utilized her incisive mind along with a penchant for creative, bold and effective decision making to successfully pursue strategic development initiatives in various sectors. She holds a MSc. in International Trade Policy and BSc. in International Relations and Spanish.